Designing E-01 Wallet

Designing E-01 Wallet

There are so many wallets out there, from extremely bulky ones to super tiny ones. What is the essential function for all for them? Carry your cash and plastic cards.

“Too many cards, recipes, coins & cash”
“Bulky & thick, walking with sitting very difficult”
“Thin, but no enough pockets to organize your cards”

With the advancements in technology, gone are the days of having to stuff your wallet full of redundant items along with old receipts. Not mention the need to carry cash, or even plastic cards.

On many occasions, you really don’t need to carry too many things, most things in your wallets you don’t need it from day to day. Not to mention all those slim wallets lack functionality, either only have one or sleeve to organize your cards

Our wallet was designed minimal as possible but also functional, two sleeves for cards with an additional sleeve for emergency cash. E-01 wallet is super light, able to hold 2-5 cards easily plus some emergency cash.

3-4 sleeves to organize your carry.

E-01 Wallet: A Minimalist Wallet for the Digital Age

Prior to the pandemic, traveling outside without a wallet could absolutely feel limiting. The concept of a digital wallet and the relevant tools were there, but it was more of a fancy gadget to be tinkered with rather than a daily necessity.  And then Covid-19 happened and a many things changed seemingly overnight. 

The emergence of the pandemic led to an increasing necessity of contactless services and social, thus propelling the the transition into a fully digital age many times over.  The days of carrying clunky cash and numerous cards in your wallet is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as many vendors and services have now upgraded their contactless services and policies as a necessary response to the pandemic.   This transition is has proven to be more convenient, in addition to being safer and secure.  Meaning now you only have to carry some essential cards with you such as identification and credit cards.

The slim profile of the latest E-01 Wallet is designed for people that love to just keep things simple. Centered around a minimalist lifestyle, the E-01 Wallet is the simple solution in providing you with a compact and functional wallet, fitted with three elastic pockets to organize your essential cards for any outing.

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