Designing V-01 Backpack

Designing V-01 Backpack

We all have to commute on daily basis for work. There seems to be an endless selection of backpacks to choose form, and wanting to bring all your daily work essential items usually results in a scrambled clutter. Not too mention, a lot of these backpacks simply aren’t practical with all those misplaced and unnecessary additional zippers and pockets.

“A lot of zippers & pockets, Hard to find things”

“Bulky & heavy, poor visibility, can’t find what you need”

On many occasions, finding that one item or accessory you packed ends up resulting in having to empty out the entire backpack again and leaving you scratching your head with frustration. It does not have to be that way and we believe that backpacks should be kept simple and efficient, so that we may spend our time on more important things in life.

This inspired us on a journey to create the perfect backpack to do just that. We wanted to create a backpack that gives you more control in how you want to organize your items and can be used for everyday carry. For the past year we have been designing and prototyping with various models of backpacks, and that journey has led to the creation of our latest backpack —  the V-01.

“Designed for simplicity”

This 11.6 L backpack may be the only backpack you need for everyday carry, carry only the essentials. To be clear, this compact backpack was not designed for everyone, this is for commuters prefer traveling light while carrying minimal amount of items.

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